Adeem - Enticing

This is all tempting
Every bit of this advantage that I've just taken it's
It's mine It's all mine
See she has no idea of what i'll become and
No memory of the past and
She has no idea of what I've accomplished
So she's selfish

With a sick sense of humour
I guess my coat-tails have been the drivers seat
for one too many 'not my faults' and disasters
It's complicated but lately what isn't?

See the demands we have as organisms
Is far more needy than anything else here and
She just walks on by
She didn't even accept my stare
I guess my eye colour must have bored her

It's tempting

To finish my thoughts and take action and
Claim independance for me and
My bretherin of committed monogamous soldiers
See we see things that the bachelor misses
Every movement
Every step is monitored with
Tempers that are fueled by estrogen and
Nothing will hurt our possessions
Our excuses
Our prizes
There's no more blurry boundries cause
Our experimentation has a stopping point and
Every poem starts with 'love' and ends with 'no one else'

It's tempting

Sliding on book indexes
Looking for that chapter of resolution
Looking for that perfect frame that can contain these images of us
Well see frames can't be trusted
They just do what their told and
For everyone else they see nothing wrong with that
But my opinion is
I've gone far beyond being alone
It's mind-bending
It's thought provoking and
It's education and
It's words that are included
In my diatribe towards research
But I'm asking the questions that
I don't think I can handle the answers to
So the curiosity should just run my mouth speechless
For God sakes

It's tempting
It's humouring
It's humility

The game is simple
Bring your pieces and
We can set up anywhere and
Roll to see who gets to make the first decision and
You win so I'll hide my temper
Next I roll and I win
So uh poor your alcohol down the sink
Well you get two in a row so
The sarcasm and dissecting are gone for good
My turn comes back around and
My reward for my luck is that
I get to take back one mistake
Well you know what instead I'm gonna twist the rules and I'm gonna forget one of yours
Cause yours see to hurt a hundred times worse than mine ever did

It's temptation
It's an offspring of pride that makes me never wrong
See I can use the same words to feel familiar and at home conceptually and the fight starts here
Blame and guilt
Uppercuts with a jab powertrip
Well I'm that guardian angel that you requested in your echoing mind so long ago so let me do my job
Pause for a brief lifetime and tell me who you are
Our conversations now are just lectures debates with no topic or end and the point of separation can be persued from either party
See now threats are forgotten because I hold the keys
And I asked you who you are
The person I knew was gone but maybe I just didn't notice the change in myself
That's temptation

To walk away from the greatest bond of the most foolish secret that I have ever kept
Seems to be to honest to say out loud with crushed eyes and tears that carry traces that special look we only used to give each other
Will you present the continuance to paradise for me but will the walls crumble?

The sealant should be kissed by us and God for good luck cause I'm living in you
Condensing everything I've seen in our nightly talks on growing and my hands have grown accustomed to holding on to your dear life
So do I provide protection from the truth forever or does it end at the entrance of heaven?
We keep our eyes shut and let the world leave you behind with no remorse Look at us
It's temptation to just remain the singular person I was as I came into this world
By myself
Responsible for me
Holding no ones hand
Watching no ones feeling
Hurting only myself
Being unaccountable without constant company
Sticking to an agenda of self improvement
With no eyes over the shoulders
No scarred fists from a seductress of selfish anguish
Experience would have no twisted faces and my conscience would be clean
The slate would be gone and all the writing and sarcastic statements would give blissfull rearrangement and I'd be holding the torch alone
God it's so tempting to walk away from everyday
But right now I'm here and the willpower will keep me here sane

It's temptation