Brother Ali - Take Me Home

And I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a song
Never leave me alone
Said c'mon baby throw me a bone, I'll sing you a song
Never leave me alone, and I promise if you take me home, I'll sing you a song
Never leave me alone
Said c'mon baby throw me a bone, I'll sing you a song, never leave you alone

I'm a tell you something about me
That's my favourite subject, I don't know whether you picked up on that yet or not

[Verse 1:]
I never said I had a business mind
I just don't believe that quitting time exists, ain't no finish line to this
You got to give me mine, I really shine, my given time is this
Live and die by the grind driven by the fist
Where do you place my name if I never played your game
We don't race the same, I don't run inside no painted lane
Plus ya'll pace is strange, ya'll either stop or you sprint
Run if it's sunny and hide if it change to rain
I would be half the Ali that I am
If I slowed myself up and tried competing with these people fam
I'm every bit as unconcerned as they are unprepared
Market flooded needles to say I wasn't scared
Let's all drop they same day, I don't fuckin care
Put listening stations in the store and let the public hear
Better yet, let's have an instore performance
Make it oranges to oranges, me dwarfing your indurance
After that we'll shoot the shit with our supporters
And see how many more discs of yours the Indy stores order
Shit you already knew I out rap em'
On the low we out work, out think, and out class em'


Nobody's doing this thing exactly like we do
They do it, they just ain't doing it like us, you know what I'm sayin'
Sucker ass mother fuckers

[Verse 2:]
My personal pedigree's so bonafide
Cause a man of my stature ain't born overnight
The undisputed king of where poor folks reside
Because everytime I speak it be hope vocalised
And you sit and bitch with your chickens about it isn't fair
The sound system ain't shit but I was crystal clear
We first name basis, sound men - we give em' beer
Plus I tipped em' 50 last semester when the click was here
Listen here, I ain't gonna give you all my secrets
Just these few examples help me illustrate my pretense
Our strength is unrelated to your weakness
Cause you'll never be a worthy pool of peers to be competed with
I see my shit with Son House and Syl Johnson
And always loose, I done lost face too but I'm sporting their shoes
So let me remind you, them little kicks you trying to fit, we out grew
Them shits in high school man


I don't think I'm arrogant man, I think I just
You know, I do's what the fuck I does man if that's just...
Kiss my ass for all I care

[Verse 3:]
It's of foremost importance there is none like unto the brother
Out this mother fucker regardless
So stop all the nonsense, you seem me lounging - call the Rhymesayers office
I've officially lost it
They say my reputation precedes me
I don't know the meaning of off season, I ain't taking it easy
Ain't taking a day off, never had an off night
Never been laid off, I live on the job site
It all pays off though when I squint in the spotlight
And see your lips are moving to the true shit that I write
And we gon' be alright every night of my life
It's my night cause I view the future like it's hindsight
I ain't waiting, I'm patiently persevering
I see greatness in the person in the mirror very clearly
And that's why I take this seriously
Baby come near to me and truly, truly hear me