John Spencer Blues Explosion - Greyhound (Killah Priest Remix)

Yo, be for real
I was buried on a battlefield

I was buried on a battlefield
Located near Israel
The rest of my platoon
was trapped upon a hill
I heard mega...
...yo, be for real

I was buried on a battlefield
I heard megabombs, firearms, and more alarms
and hand grenades, mad rage in evil ways
My destination was to seek life
I mean the stars were so low they appeared as street lights
I was shown the crucifixion by two Egyptians
There was war in heaven, I saw Christ with a Mac-11
So I joined his army, prepare for armaggedeon... armaggedeon...

They told me this, slowly
Taking me, into, the mental
Orgasms, ejacualting, stimulating, relating
to life, incubating, rotating around light beams
From a light beam I was formed in the white dream
And then redeemed, like powder, out of, my maker
Into, nature, returned, to vapor
Killah, Priest, was born, in a pillar, of yeast
Lost in the miscarriage
The automatic, for marriage