Roots Manuva - Colossal Insight (Part 2 Remix)

[Chorus: Roots Manuva] [singing]

Collosal Insight (Collosal, man)
Invites the soul (Inviting of the soapbox)
Sturdy after good food (More sturdy)
Collosal Insight (Collosal!)
Invites the soul (Inviting thy soul)
Sturdy after good food

[Verse 1]
Gracious Lord, my mega oh mighty!
I know I been slightly, out your path
Feelin' the cold draft,of the bleek winter
Splinters in my soul, I'm out of control
and I know, that I should cut down this drinkin'
Too many late nights and, wayward thinkin'
Compellin' a man to plan to shennanigans
The boy in me out and I got to be the man again
'cause I didn't rhyme to get me rich
but I'm a scally, two two's you'll find I switch
Hurt and pain made me, nothin' came to save me
I walk with disaster, prefer to be plastered
'times my master don't ask me for jack turd
all I owns is my balls and my word
No-body heard'a me, 'cause I'm a new man
I got this new plan, to get these new grams


[Verse 2]
People call my name like, it's some kinda game like
I ain't got no fame like, I'm just the same type
Shoutin' out vain lights - "Move ya lurgy"
I'm far too nervy, observin' this world
Who the? Where the? What the? How the?
Media 'ores keep, shovellin' powder
It's nothin' to be proud of, but stuff goes on
Perceptions change, wrong's right an' right's wrong
Hoopla-hooblahing, devil keeps snarlin'
Bite-bites and it's sellin' more more more
This could well'a be my, last LP
I've had a good run, I've made a few G's
I've had a bag of fun, I've smoked a few trees
Now I wanna rest my, knobbly knees
All in all I been feelin' the pinch
and those bourgeois blacks have been far from convinced
but, I don't give a damn about UK rap
I'm a UK black makin' UK tracks
and, I got love for everyone of them scenes
and them pigeon-holes were never nothin' to hold me