Adeem - Younger Days

When I was young I used play on the old manís apple tree,
When I was young I used to scream out Ollie Ollie aux n free,
To young to blame it on these mistakes
to old to have any excuse for the trouble it makes,
generations apart from my old wrinkled eyes,
following the childish breadcrumbs that keep falling from the skies,
Itís the piece of mind that grows from this fine tuned machine,
accomplish self fulfillment with a unfamiliar scheme,
My motivation to be an adult has decided to catapult
me over the picket fence to land on my 2.5 kids,
I used to play in the sandbox with the same little voices
And I would always remember to bring a spare vine,
The chimes from the clock would signify recess and tell all the kids that itís snack time,
Iím Less than a cartoon away from being the last in line,
Kickball is my life, juice boxes are my therapists,
those are the simple pleasures that used to get and they now leave me here motionless,
walking to the mailbox to send my life away with a signature,
I remember all the jokes we used to tell each other, stop your killing her,
you almost crushed that pray mantis,
a crime punishable by death that would put your name on the list,
rumor is that Santa Claus compiles pages worth of information,
but that fake fairy tale has nothing on the damage I have done,
I broke 4 windows, chased 5 girls, not to mention the cats I taunted,
and still this year I got every present that I wanted,
I believed in folk lore and made wagers for peanut butter sandwiches
the blissful innocence that gave me attention when I had new bandages,
the transition is identified as growing up but I lost interest in,
the responsibility that kills your first star wishes,
The corner of the room had my initials with a dunce cap thatís colored and shaped,
to match perfectly with my superhero cape,
But Now my cape is replaced with a button-down shirt, and a mature smirk
that shows my soul to be nothing of worth,
finger-painting and typing, my marvelous hands at work,
the difference in creating for my cause or as someone else's clerk
no more kisses on the cheek and red faces from embarrassment,
Itís the long drawn out process and regretting words I sort of meant