Aesop Rock - Abandon All Hope

Aesop Rock (Aesop Rock)... (x16)

Is it love such as that which I exhibit for my practice
The factor which then amalgamates the baits with straight-jackets and ROBES
Huddled in brackets that blacken the average globe
Xenophobe, loathe to modify the fly, feel this...

I call the notch in my wall for every stall
every fifth marks lance diagonal to symbolize your downfall
Drunky peasants, honor the shifty mega-drawn presents
Slug a bolt one ceremonies of merit turned blood sport (Uh)
Voted hella high seas, I freeze your mega dumb company
Pumpin' out wise beads like, fly sneak-attacks on dry leaves DUNCED
Crooked rumors turn zoomers when rookies talkin'
Bad seeds blossom the wookie walk, hawkin'
Let a sucker drift, I lift up every stone prone to find
the point I which repelent signals ultimately bind
When a pack of style mimics, tea my brains target the cluster
I advance clutchin' the mic like, bullied a knuckle duster
And a scent, your riddles yield a little plastic blend
Fuck a badge, let 'em on five dancin' jig around the pig
Figurin' year, I'll land a plane on leak stained trackers
used in only the finest and post-modern terrain avers
Once my breath is dispersed...
My God, you think the heaven's touched the earth then
Thirstin' a perch on a bursted curse
But I don't, confide why to chose me
Born, lasso down polaris, let the glow abuse me

OK I lay me down to sleep, creepin' a slumber under red skies
Heads splittin', straight sippin' a drip of dead vibes
It's red tides from here, stop and smell analog hell
Clenchin' a stench of burnin' logics and a child where yearning

Now someone's approached the robe, shaking like snow-globes
Other sort safety in numbers, other's flows got towed under (yeah)
Still another took a turn and crashed and burned while others flee
But there will never be another startin' marvel like me
See, there's a time when... rhymin'...
Paint combined can't even manage to tell what the swell is, like
Picture your imagery embelished with the hellish aspects of the swans
for lone facets
Soul crafted fact cats, boroughin', left parential tennants discouraged in
Discussin' my foresees and flourishing, Uh!
Searching, perching, poetic lead poison
Poised, imploised to leak a little bit of boisture on your pride
I'm a, animated style machine in
a veening faulty production fueled by nicotine suction
From tux in my carnivore to vipers in my garner
You flash identify violent gene of species and class start to chuckle
Buckle the architecture til it fell through
Kill the survivors that raised the death of shock value
By the time the pending settlements fully negotiated (yeah I'll...)
I'll have put a sonic youth to get myself situated

So like sadly, my style spooks juveniles like Boone Radly
Radically weak assume the colonel Kurtz in our platoon soon enough
That's one bluff call, toughens the searcher
Stuttering, emerging, gutter-urching, bursting

I live for the moment of truth when Big Willy rapper
ackgnowledges failure and states "Goddamn my shit is trash"
"It's time to let go", the tin man bangin' upon his chest to hear the echo
Heartless kid, hollow compartments
Be we the people of the united, starving artistic
Militia keep movin' in order to form a more perfect union
I'm clueing into the poison panoramics brew the panic situations
It fucks a little with my briddle gift
I tell myself "Stay" (Stay)... up high
makin' my career of Sun and moon and star til they hand over the sky
My de luxe is, fluxes, pivots to where the crux is
Invade the town while village elders holler "Who the fuck's this?"
He hip a cats, agravated trudge through the muds
Quickin' ones, plots thicken like, coagulated blood
Rugged serpentines climb, pebble the rock
Let your pretty pink cloud nine expectations please you not
I'm, Ae-fuckin'-sop Rock, might bizarro
Propper application of the soul by my standard
Candid once position from which instigations spawn
And man, I plan to die with a mic in my hand, it's like...

Abandon all hope yo, abandon all hope, it's like
Abandon all hope yo, abandon all hope...