Cannibal Ox - Painkillers

Yo, some nights we got so drunk
Its like we miss the feeling
Of a never ending headache
And a spinning ceiling
The sob story of an alcoholic
On his hands and knees
Praying to that porcelain toilet
Whether behind bars or in front of ?scars?
We use medicine to numb the rap ?bar?
I might tell you something that'll change your death
Pain kills the life
Pleasure loves the breath
Ox I ?compel?
I'll spit this in hell
With L's hanging off my body
And no ice cooler
Every rhyme I write
Is civilize my future wife
Breaking her water
In a time without order
Yo, chaos is born
A seance is spawned
And I resurrect like ?beings?
That resemble red ?dawns?
I guess that's why I was born
To recognize the beauty of a rose's thorn
And learn from the strife of a soul that's torn
To be forewarned
Just to be forearmed
So let that thought settle
As we backpeddle
Through the seven seas of info
That'll crush your ego
Some of us pop pills and snort coke
To pain kill
Some of us rap drugs and bear witness
Cause life's ill
Y0, but true happiness comes from within
You can't rely on a substance
Look at addiction for instance
And in an instance
You'll wake up out of that
Requiem for a Dream
But you still caught it in the rectum