Project Blowed - Jurassick

It's the audio ????? dynamics
don't panic, frantic
put me in the middle and I'll battle, fight 'em off
manic depresent for sonic
nuts and bolts and millions of volts and concrete
and asphalt
it's the end of the world and your fault
waiting for someone to open the gate
clean slate
greens on your plate
and still have no control over your fate
you masturbate, ejaculate, stale mate, stuck

Spoon Iodine:
what the fuck?
you'll get flushed in a falling Niagra
and gore
is what you in for
the only Clinton that I listen to is George
speak of the devil, one world president
rebels hesitent, check, change
another nail in the coffin
beware of the false prophet
and the angels with the last seven plauges
elves, they'll carve your eyes and nose into a pattern
your head is now an orniment
a jack-o-lantern
typical ????? state
oh my god, i'm aetheist for christ sake
never let us catch you
worshipping any statues
or the mark of the beast
any tattooed foreheads
branded, God can't stand it
showing you his last name ain't Dammit
one fled, but now he's dead
i subtracted three sixes from the back of his head
dedicated niggas wanna die

an ocean, front, line and center for inspection
private, what type of style is that?
'uh.. what do you mean, sir?"
i mean, what type of style do you ??? MCs call your self carriers of?
i can't like an aquarian type of style, did you have one?
specific of mind there's an ocean
Pacific of mine, sir', uh.. dismissed
Private Fish
I like to see them offers
now we're not gonna have any of this
Starfish, Halibut Hardfish
do you understand me?
'yes, sir'
I can't hear you

NGA Fish:
and when it come to new styles, few style like I do love
to style
ooh, whooo are theeese MCs
with their filthy paws on my silky drawers
styles up from the bottom of my well while
while suckas put their ear to that NGA Fish shelter
hear a new style, a 32 style in mono
i know, it seems that maybe you - kinda over - looked it
but nigga you knew that style was dangerous when you took it
b-b-b- bust blast
dearly beloved
we're gathered here today to pay our final respects
to this newly departed style
it was a good style
it died so young
why so young?
snatched from the tip of a tounge
in it's prime
this rhyme'll rhyme
gotta stop, but I cant
'cause I master styles
????? your styles to pass it faster than expected (expected)
eclectic... uh
rejected... uh
collect it... uh
disected... uh
this is what dreams are made of... NIGGA!
me being able to say what I really wanna
yeah you ain't gonna
shoot, shoot then
shoot me, don't shoot them
you talk shit like your mouth was a doop chute, duke
I'm about to nuke your small planet and turn everyone who looks at me to
oh my where am I?
I need stills my legs are too high
my arms are too short I need crutches
I need help!